How to Afford Therapy When You’re on a Budget

Therapy can help many people with their daily lives. They can speak to someone about how they are doing and learn coping skills to handle their frustrations. Mental health services are very important but not everyone can afford it. These are some tips on how to make therapy affordable and fit mental health services into a tight budget.

Work With Insurance

The first thing that you need to do is contact your insurance company and finds a therapist that accepts your insurance. This will reduce the out of pocket costs but you may still need to pay a copay. Before going to the therapist to verify that they accept the type of insurance that you have.

Discuss Pricing

It is okay to ask a therapist to work with you on the price for their service. They understand that money plays a big role in life and the services that people can and cannot afford. It is okay to ask them about the price per session and if they are willing to work with you on this price. You can ask if they will accept different payment options and arrangements.

Sliding Scale

If a therapist does offer different payment arrangements. Some therapists work on a sliding scale for payment. The price will shift based on the income level that a person falls into. People that make a lower amount of money will pay less for the services. These plans are designed to help those that may not have insurance to cover the cost of service or they may have insufficient coverage. The therapist may know about different billing options to help cover the costs as well.

Employer Assistance

In addition to the traditional insurance plans, employers may offer assistance for other health services including therapy. They may cover the cost of counseling for the employees. There may be some limitations placed on these plans. The sessions will often last for a shorter amount of time and the number of sessions you may be eligible for are often limited.

Federal Help

Federally funded health care centers are becoming more popular. You will be able to see a therapist and your payments will be based on your income. There is an online database you can check to see if this service is offered in your area.


These are some ways that you can access mental health and therapy service if you are on a budget. With a little research, you will be able to get the mental health care that you need at a price that you can afford.


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