Want To Become A Therapist? Answer These Questions First

If you are planning on becoming a therapist the first step is in deciding that you want to become a therapist is to decide what kind of therapist you want to be. The road to each one starts out the same. How much more education you need is based upon which therapist you aim at becoming.

Psychologists have to have the most training and education as they are held to higher standards. The therapist is second after psychologists with educational requirements. Counselors also have to have a certain amount o education and are also held to the same ethical standards as psychologists and therapists. Most types of therapists require the person to achieve a master’s degree if not in psychology then in a related field.


The types of therapists are;

1) CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Therapist

2) Marriage Therapists

3) Family Therapists

4) Recreational Therapist

5) Occupational Therapists

6) Psychotherapists

7) Behavioral Therapists

8) Child Therapists


It takes around seven to fifteen years to become any of the above types of therapists. You have to have at least a bachelor’s degree. For some, you have to have a master’s degree. For all of them, you have to pass an exam and follow your regions rules and guidelines which includes clinical.

Helping people to overcome their problems is a therapist’s main objective. These problems can include;

1) Substance abuse

2) Family problems

3) Behavioral problems

4) Problems with coworkers or other people


To be a good therapist certain qualities are needed. These are;

1) Good communications skills

2) Compassion

3) Analytical skills

4) Flexibility

5) Listening skills

6) Speaking skills

7) Writing skills

8) Leadership skills

9) Observational skills

10) Good organization

11) Patience

12) Interpersonal skills

13) Resourcefulness


It is important that the therapist be able to listen to the patient and be able to figure out what he is looking for. The therapist has to be able to understand the client’s problem before they can even start treating it. Sometimes the therapist has to be able to see the things that the client is not talking about. This is shown by the patient’s body language.

When first looking at the requirements to become a therapist it may seem to a very long road. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in any subject the next step would be to start working on a master’s degree. The master’s degree should be in either therapy or psychology. Those who do not plan on getting their master’s degree they can find a position as a counselor. The experience is beneficial towards becoming a therapist later down the road.


For those who want to help people overcome problems education and experience will help them become the type of therapist they desire. If you want to be a therapist check with your region to find out exactly what requirements are needed.

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