My Story

Growing up, I was often the person all my friends ran to in times of need. Regardless of whether it was a breakup, family problems, or academic struggles, I was always there for the people I cared about. Everything really changed in high school when my best friend got hooked on cocaine. As a 17 year old I had no idea what to do to help my friend, so I spend hours on the internet and talking to adults I trusted to devise a plan. After a few difficult weeks, my friend checked into rehab and got clean.

When I applied for college, I thought a lot about that experience and how it changed my life. I realized that I have a talent for listening and identifying people’s issues, but what I didn’t know was why people thought/acted the way they do. So I chose to major in psychology and dedicate my life to helping other people! To this day, I think it was the most important decision I ever made.

See Any Similarities?

If this story resonates with you, or you have always thought about going into Psychology, I highly recommend you explore this route. It is such a rewarding field to be apart of, and I couldn’t image doing anything else.

I have gathered some resources and other therapists’ origin stories to inspire and motivate you! Please reach out to me if you would like to share your story with me personally or to be posted for all my readers to see as well!